General guide for travelers

Here you will find tips, as well as a list of services and applications that I use myself

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Visa requirements

for Russians





Photo reports 

by country


Before you start, check visa requirements, passport validity and required documents for your chosen destination

Buying tickets

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An application for planning and booking transport, including trains, buses and ferries, making it easy and convenient to move around the world

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предоставляет все виды туристических услуг и специализируется на бронировании отелей со скидками, дешевых авиабилетах, турпакетах

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A search engine for cheap air tickets, no matter how trite it may sound. Even those who do not live in Russia use it

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Google flights

Air ticket search engine from Google, where you can also compare prices and go to the airline’s website to purchase

I recommend signing up for loyalty programs with popular airlines to earn miles. Buying air tickets directly is more profitable

Medical insurance

Travel insurance will never cover elective treatment, but it can save you hundreds of thousands in emergency situations. After all, for foreigners there is always a special price for calling an ambulance.

However, with due persistence and a long wait, you can check, for example, aching pain in the abdomen.

The more often you apply for insurance cases, the higher the cost of subsequent insurances in the same company will be

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Сервис поиска страховок³

Insurance price comparison service for Russian citizens

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Тинькоф страхование⁴

Medical insurance for Russian citizens


All good types of accommodation’ll always be presented on popular platforms.

An option for booking directly is to find accommodation on Google maps and contact the owner at the specified phone number (there is a risk that they will forget about your reservation).

Another option is telegram chats, there are no reviews here, there are various risks

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The largest service for booking hotels, apartments and inns.

The cost is often cheaper for regular customers through the Genues loyalty program, as well as when booking through the mobile app

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A platform for booking accommodation with locals around the world, where you can find unique options and feel at home anywhere in the world

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Platform for booking hotel accommodation and other services, specializing in Asia.

Beneficial only if the same options are not available on other sites


The most convenient way is to mark places of interest and see their rating on Google maps. You can find the top places in the countries I visited at the link

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A platform for booking tickets for excursions, entertainment and other local events, where prices are often cheaper than official sites.

Purchasing SIM cards

In 100% of cases, buying a SIM card locally will be more profitable than buying an international e-SIM card.

Sometimes you can also buy an inexpensive SIM on the website Klook.

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An international company that offers access to digital eSIM cards from more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Use if there are no other options


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The main company in the taxi industry today, operating in many countries around the world.

Use promo code for your first purchase  bptr4bxxbe4u

If there are other apps in the country, they will be cheaper

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Yandex Go

A popular application for ordering a taxi with a wide selection of cars and a convenient payment system

Operates in the following countries: Georgia, Serbia, Israel, UAE, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

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A convenient application for calling taxis and motorcycle taxis in various cities of the world, which makes moving around unfamiliar places interesting.

Operates in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

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A convenient taxi app that offers fast and affordable rides around the city.

Operates in more than 500 cities in more than 45 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia and Latin America

Car rent

It’s best to rent a car from the locals. Most companies can be found on google maps

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A navigation application with offline maps that helps you navigate in unfamiliar places without access to the Internet. Just download the country map in advance. There is voiceover of the route

Thanks to it, you can sometimes travel without buying a SIM card

Language and communication

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Google translate

The most convenient tool for translating text and speech, which helps overcome the language barrier in communication with locals

Advice and support

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This is not only a messenger, but also a huge community of travelers, where you can find chats in any country and city and ask any question about travel

Additional Information

It will never be superfluous:

  • Save contact information for your country’s embassy in the country of travel and emergency telephone numbers
  • Study the country’s customs regulations. Sometimes the transport of drones is prohibited, and sometimes you can get a fine for sausage or chewing gum in your luggage
  • Learn the rules of behavior and clothing recommendations
  • Choose a good time to visit. During the season the weather will be good, but in the off-season there will be fewer tourists

Always happy to answer any travel questions.


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