mutual PR and Ad

I collaborate with brands and talented people!

Open to ad offers and mutual cooperation on barter terms!

Honesty and openness are my positioning as a specialist and blogger. I may request additional information about you or your product for verification

I also cooperate with the ministries of tourism and hotels


📌 Advertising options:

Stories + reels OR stories + post OR video shorts

  • Creation of a reels/post according to the agreed upon conditions
  • Making changes at the client’s discretion 
  • Advertising can be canceled three days in advance

When advertising products, testing is necessary, after which a decision is made about advertising. Products used for advertising will not be returned

 ❌ Don’t collaborate with:

  • Numerologists, astrologers, tarologists, clinics
  • Supplement and medicine stores

Your name’ll be featured on the blog, but this doesn’t guarantee sales or new subscribers. It all depends on how your account looks, your creativity and your product.

The advertisement is marked with the tag #ad and the audience is warned that this is an ad integration



Prices for advertising integration are calculated individually.

For example, the cost of mentioning in a story + creating a 30-second reel (without filming complex scenes) ~ $25

Barter possible

Publications in co-authorship help increase reach, reach a new audience, or show an existing audience what impressions a product/service has on people

I’m Aleksandra — photographer and travel blogger ♥

For cooperation, write to me in telegram or direct on Instagram

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See examples of work in the pinned “Коллабы” stories on Instagram

Reviews of cooperation and advertising


Как и всегда, по красоте, вообще шикарно!) Я не ожидала, что будет так круто! 😍 концовка мощь 💪🏻 Спасибо тебе огромнейшее! Это так красиво и так профессионально! 🔥


Посмотрела ролик, с коллегами SkyEng также согласовала и нам все нравится! Идея создать совместный рилс показалась интересной! Можем выйти совместным постом! 


Hello! Thank you very much! 🤍 Hope you enjoyed your stay 🎀🍬 Co-authorship post sounds good. You account looks very nice ;) please put video tmrw ☀️